Fundraising Activities

Our fundraising activities include a variety of actions from sponsored events locally to online fundraising through social media and email. We provide services that include traditional fundraising activities such as direct mail campaigns, television and radio campaigns, and telephone fundraising. We can assist with crowdfunding campaigns featuring digital tools such as smartphones. Other fundraising through meeting specific qualifications include seeking grants, endowments, donor matching and planned giving programs that let donors contribute to a cause through their personal estate planning preparations. There are many ways nonprofits raise funds for their causes, and we explore quite a few depending on the cause and monetary goals.

Community Social Events

Community social events services include planning and organizing events to encourage community involvement. The purpose of the event may vary from fundraising to raising awareness. Services include preparing for press conferences, volunteer opportunities, meet & greets, and business partnership opportunities. We can assist with providing information such as brochures, pens, stickers, etc. about a cause through other events scheduled in the community such as block parties, street fairs, conferences, and farmers markets. We can assist with making community engagement a positive experience for all involved.

Bible Study

The Good Word has guided Christians for as long as we know and the best time to start learning these holy truths is in Bible Study. But if you aren't sure about the best way to help your community with this valuable service, then look no further than our non-profit organization. We specialize on consulting faith communities like yours in how to best deliver the Word to your guests. We will help you with lesson plans and activities that will be valuable and inspiring to your Bible Study groups. Whether you are teaching children or adults, we have and can create programs to help. So give us a call and let us work together.

Spiritual Counseling

When life throws the very worst at us, it can be easy to feel lost, alone, and afraid. But we believe that with a little support, anyone can succeed and overcome any adversity thrown their way and there’s no better support than the spiritual counseling provided by our organization. We focus on helping you develop your spiritual growth and help you place grief and stress in perspective or help you determine your life’s purpose. If you need help, please give us a call for spiritual counseling that works.

Worship Services

We gather together to enjoy fellowship with one another and to worship as a community. This gathering is a time of celebration, rejoicing, and thanksgiving for everyone who takes part. As a part of our outreach and our desire to help others, we encourage everyone to join our services. We truly believe that a stranger is just someone we haven't met yet, so please invite all of your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to join us for worship. While we may join fellowship as strangers, we leave as friends and go forth into the world to serve others with love and joy in our hearts.

Social Services

When the family structure breaks down, it does more than allow bad feelings to enter the equation. Children notice when tensions rise and it can affect family well being and ability to function socially at work as well as at home. That's why our organization is here to help with social services that are designed to help turn things around. We use a variety of methods to provide assistance for families in need, from counseling, group and one-on-one therapy sessions, and interventions to help you understand the core causes of your family issues. With our help, families are more likely able to get back to working together. To learn more, please call today.

Family Services

For many homes, family can be one of the greatest sources of stress and frustration in their life. Whether this comes from arguments, disagreements, or worse, it can lead children and adults into uncomfortable and long-standing issues. Our organization wants to help turn things around and now offers family services to families in need. We provide a variety of services; from one-on-one and group therapy sessions, direct counseling, and interventions. These services help you understand the core causes of your concerns as well as discover meaningful ways to cope with and overcome them. Because families deserve happiness, please call us today if you need help.

Youth Services

For many children, it can be all too easy to feel like parents and communities don't understand. These feelings of loneliness and rejection can leave youths to make poor choices that can affect them for the rest of their lives. But our organization wants to help turn things around and provide a variety of youth services that can change things. We offer counseling, therapy, interventions, and other services that are all designed to help youths, parents, and guardians understand the core causes of youth concerns and discover ways to make things better. If you or someone you know knows a youth in need of help, please call us today.

Children Services

The early years of a persons life can do so much to set the tone for how the rest of their lives will go. But for many parents, providing the care that a child needs can be a challenge, especially if you struggle with working long hours to keep food on the table. That's why our organization is here to help by providing a variety of children services. From counseling to understand and overcome problems to babysitting and daycare to keep children monitored and engaged while parents handle their duties and errands, we provide a variety of services that can help. So if you or someone you know has a child in need, please give us a call to learn how we can help.

Literacy Services

With more careers requiring basic literacy for acceptance and advancement, it becomes clear that the current rates of illiteracy in children and adults is not acceptable. But for many persons, finding ways to overcome literacy and reach an acceptable level of comprehension can be a challenge. This is why our organization is here to help. We provide a variety of literacy services that are designed to train children and adults alike to be able to read more complex materials and perform far better in today's world. Our services include direct tutoring and instruction, providing reading materials for home use and training, as well as classes designed to teach reading strategies. If you or someone you know needs literacy help, please call us today.

Refugees & Immigration Services

For many persons, the United States represents a dream of new starts and security. Whether their homes abroad have been ravaged by wars or natural disasters or they require opportunities that are not present in their home countries, our country represents hope. That is why our organization seeks to help with our Refugees & Immigration Services program. From helping immigrants and refugees master English language skills to finding job training, we help provide the hope that these families need. To learn more about how you can help or participate in these programs, please call us today.

Outreach Search

For many communities, there are many programs that are simply not available to them. From health and social services to utilities such as fast Internet or computer access, it can leave these communities falling behind and staying behind. Our organization wants to help by providing an outreach search service. With this service, communities in need of services can find service providers who can give them the help they need, no matter where they are. We help connect communities to what they need so that no one gets left behind. To learn more about this program and how you can help or participate, please call us today.

Shop & Retail Donations

If you own a shop or retail outlet and want to know of a tax-deductible way to provide help for those in need, then our organization is here to help. We are now accepting shop and retail donations of items that families need to survive and thrive. From clothes, toys for children, food, and other essential items, your donations can turn things around for a family in need. We help hundreds of families every day and could help even more with your generous donation. So please call us today to learn how your shop or retail outlet can help turn things around for a family in need.

Homeless Services

Every day, more and more citizens of our country suffer the effects of homelessness. From exposure to cold winter environments to illness and worse, these individuals and families can struggle to survive this unfortunate circumstance. Our organization works to help these persons in need by providing a variety of homeless services. From shelters to job training and placement and more, our services are designed to help turn things around for those suffering homelessness. If you or someone you know is in need of help, please call us today to learn more.